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Next class: March 3, 2018.

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Are your presentations a good return on investment?

Have you ever finished a presentation and you’re not quite sure how it went? Or watched your direct report stumble through a meeting with the CEO?


We didn’t enjoy those cringe-worthy moments either. Nor did we like how long it took to figure out what to say or to assemble a presentation deck.


We’ve made it our mission to find an easier way to create and deliver great presentations. We tested learning and coaching models to find out what it takes to help you make significant, measurable improvements. While others might train, we transform. Hint: it’s not a one-time session. 


We give you the knowledge, tools — and gentle pushback — to find the right angle. We’ll explain the science of storytelling to help you clarify your messages, make effective use of visuals, and deliver in a confident and engaging style (that’s uniquely your own).


The results? Our clients come to a shared understanding of what a great presentation should look, sound and feel like. This makes the process by which they collaborate and prepare for meetings more consistent, efficient and effective.


“You organized my brain.” Association Vice President

“I had people lined up to speak to me afterwards. That’s never happened before.” Attorney

“This work has been so valuable. We’re all evaluated on whether or not we can communicate to our clients and partners, and yet we’ve never really had the tools to do so.” Vice President, Fortune 500 company


If you think you can get more from your team’s  presentations and  meetings, ask about our Presentation Program.

If you’re managing your company or association’s offsite and would like help designing sessions and prepping speakers, ask about our Speaker Prep.

Set aside 15-20 minutes to talk to us about your team’s presentation and communication challenges. If we’re not a good fit, we can probably put you in contact with someone who can help.




A portico provides structure and protects from the elements at the doorway of a building. Its design often reveals a cultural or historical reference. Through our work, we create a protective space, preparing you for your best possible entrance.