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March 30th, 2014

March 30th, 2014

How we present shapes how people perceive our intelligence and experience. Despite the frequency that we present, and its importance to our career, few of us have received training on the disciplines that go into becoming an effective speaker.

I want to change this. After working with clients on individual presentations, I developed a methodology to help people connect to their audience so that others could get better at presenting, and I believe it starts with content.

At Portico, I make presentations easier to understand and create. The response from my training sessions has been a mixture of recognition, relief, and excitement. I provide on-site training to organizations who want to make their presentations, and therefore their meetings and workflow, more targeted, engaging, and effective. I also work with senior leaders on specific presentations, from content to coaching.

If you have questions or ideas on content, slide design, delivery, or any aspect of presenting – whether to colleagues, as a keynote, or remotely, please share in this blog.

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