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Write Better: 17 Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts

Write Better: 17 Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts

Great presentations start with great messages. How we say something is as important as what it is we’re saying if we want our audience to pay attention, care and take action. Here are 17 tips on writing persuasive content from Henneke Duistermaat via Slide Share .

A few of my favorites:

# 9: Ask questions because it’s an effective way to engage the reader. (Do you agree?)

#12 Avoid goobledygook – “market leading” – because no one wants to speak to a corporation. (Besides, didn’t the Supreme Court decide that corporations were people, so those in corporate communications might tweak the language a bit. .  .)

#13 Use specific examples; specifics increase credibility.

Readers, do you have any copywriting tips or phrases you’d like to retire?

July 28, 2014 in Messages


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