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Presentation Program

Most of us learn how to present through trial and error and are primarily self-taught.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


Our Presentation Program equips your team with a methodology, templates and a toolkit to organize, design and deliver compelling messages. We cut a clearer path to your desired outcome – whether that’s a “go ahead” from the CEO, contract signature from the prospective client, or convincing peers as to the significance of your research.


We combine a group workshop with individual coaching and consulting to deliver measurable improvements in presentations, meetings, collaboration and even productivity (you’ll find you’ll meet less often and for shorter periods of time).


Your team will learn how to:

1. Collaborate towards a defined outcome instead of repurposing and reshuffling old slides.
2. Apply insight as to how others learn and use storytelling techniques so that they can package ideas in a way that makes it easier for others to understand, care and act.
3. Prioritize content in order to avoid using excessive detail or reciting a description of features, for example.
4. Simplify complex data and concepts to match the knowledge and experience of each audience.
5. Apply design principles so that they know when and how to work with graphic designers.
6. Use body language and vocals to engage the room – whether 2 or 2000 other people.
7. Prepare for and navigate Q&A with greater ease.
8. Develop the foundations of an authentic executive presence and “presentation persona” to make an unnatural and intimidating setting less so.


Most important, the next presentation each member of your team gives will be measurably better. They will continue to improve; we won’t let them fall back on bad habits and stale slides. Life is too short for bad PPT and lackluster meetings. Let’s make your presentations and meetings better. Find out how your team can start presenting better today. Schedule a complementary 30-minute consultation to find out if Portico can help.