How do managers react?


“She was a completely different person up on that stage. Money well spent.” – Foundation executive

Things are so much better now. People are presenting at a whole new level.” – Association HR director

“Coaching gave him the insight and confidence he needed to make a profound shift. His presentations to our trustees have been consistently more focused and compelling. Now other executives want in on the magic!” – Law firm partner

“I realized I can’t just ask an associate to create a presentation for me by sending a few slides. By working along a set methodology, we’ve become much more fluid and collaborative.” Think tank founder


How do teams collaborate differently?


“We have greater empathy for our audience.”

“We look for more insight on audience and their expectations – help us streamline the information we gather and provide.”

“We’re using standard approaches.”

“We’re creating logical and concise presentations with a consistent look and feel.”

“I feel more open to work with the team and to ask for feedback when creating presentations. And we’ll practice!”

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