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Stock photos just got some star power. . .cue Vince Vaughn

Stock photos just got some star power. . .cue Vince Vaughn
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In the era before excel?

Business team enjoying victory

Yay! Teamwork! Is HR going to get nervous about this group hug?


As much as visuals can clarify and reinforce messages, if we pick the wrong ones we can distract or otherwise undermine our intent. For this reason I (strongly) recommend avoiding ClipArt, especially the cartoon variety. Second to ClipArt in visual ineffectiveness is the category of  stock images of office workers. . .who are clearly not office workers. They’re too attractive. Too perfectly diverse. When we see them in a presentation, rather than think about our coworkers, or teamwork, or whatever our intent, we become distracted.  We might wonder if the models are using stock photos as a stepping stone to a career in reality TV.


Until now. As part of a promotion for a new movie, Unfinished Business, Vince Vaughn, Tim Wilkinson and David Franco have teamed up with Getty Images to create their own set of office stock photos. Free! The first set of images was released this week, with more available in the lead up to the movie’s release.


From a marketing and PR perspective, brilliant idea for Getty. And a reminder to the rest of us as to how silly these faux office environments come across. Getty has thousands of other great images, if only we put the time and creativity into thinking beyond visual cliches and models.



Successful applauding executives sitting at the table

Did it really take Hollywood remind us how ridiculous these images can be?


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