Presenting While Female: Proven Tips for Women and Men to Make the Most of Meetings + Give A Killer Presentation

Do the same rules apply to women and men for giving presentations and public speaking? Yes, and no. Here’s what the research tells us, and more importantly, what you can do about it. Speakers find greater success when they have a compelling story, clear call to action and empathy for their audience. But delivering that presentation can be a…


Caffeinating compliance presentations

Your company has a new directive that has to get out – maybe a compliance issue or a new expense reporting system. These “required” presentations can be painful to create (and endure). Some simply copy and paste policies onto a series of slides. We  hear a monotone script, and feel largely uninspired or distracted by our inbox…

getting others to listen portico pr


A senior executive was dismayed when she saw the results of a company-wide survey on communications. Employees felt uninformed about the strategy and how their work fit into the bigger picture.   “But we are communicating. They’re just not listening!”   The reaction is both humorous and unfortunately, widely shared. If they’re not listening, guess whose fault…